The New Gallery in Glastonbury


Following a crowdfunding effort recently I secured the startup funds to take over a vacant shop unit in the centre of Glastonbury. I am now in the process of turning it into my own dedicated gallery space and here is the progress so far.


View from outside

Situated in The Gauntlet, just in the passageway at the High Street end, the space has a high ceiling so there is a lot of wall space to fill for the unit's size. I still haven't managed to do that yet!


Prints mounted, framed and hung

Trying to get the prints in some sort of neat order had a few technical challenges at first but once I developed a system (and a handy little makeshift tool) it became a lot easier.


Prints, calendars, books and cards

The novelty of having a wide selection of prints, books, cards and calendars all in one place will take a bit of getting used to. Stock checking will be a lot easier from now on though.


Future Plans


As well as being a central hub and ongoing gallery for my work in Glastonbury it will also be a meeting and consultation space for current and future clients, workshop participants and other creative folk who I will be collaborating with in the coming months. The next part of the journey starts here!


Gallery Location:

Unit 5 The Gauntlet, 11 High Street, Glastonbury. BA6 9DP.