Some links to local guides, establishments and retailers which you might find useful when visiting Glastonbury. These are my recommendations only and I am not being sponsored for sharing these with you. We like to help each other out here.


From the website:

"We invite you to explore the historic spiritual and metaphysical sites and majesty that is Avalon. Steve and Flo are experienced and knowledgeable local guides, and we look forward to welcoming you to magical Glastonbury…also known as the Isle Of Avalon and other ancient names."

Open every Tuesday from 10:00 to 16:00 at The Assembly Rooms on High Street, Glastonbury this is a cavern of many creative delights. All sorts of arts, crafts and treasures are made by locals and this is a great showcase for local talent. The market runs from March until December, with occasional Saturday openings corresponding with special town festivities throughout the year.

Vicki Steward's popular local blog about living for 23 years (and counting) in "the oddest town in England" will give you an insight into the lives, loves and eccentricities of local life. Hopefully it won't put you off visiting!