Article in 'Normal For Glastonbury' blog

Vicki Steward of Normal For Glastonbury fame has published an article about me and my work today which gives a little insight into where I came from and how I found myself living and working as a photographer in Glastonbury today…and not as an aerospace engineer which was the original plan. Needless to say that other occupation would have been slightly less satisfying and would have become quite a chore once the novelty had worn off. There was a reason I moved to Glastonbury and it wasn’t for commuting to Bristol and it’s surrounding industrial complex in pursuit of a steady income (I remember when that used to be a thing) but for something far more important. My connection to the landscape and my ability to connect others through my photographs seems to be my raison d’être. I feel such a rush when I capture a new scene that it’s almost an addiction - but a healthy one since it means walking around outdoors a lot and that has to be a good thing.

You can read the Normal For Glastonbury article about me here: