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Prior to moving to Glastonbury in September of 2015 and setting up as a full time photographer Kev worked for over 20 years in the aerospace industry in Northern Ireland where he was also raised. When he and wife Jane first decided to move to the West Country it was with the intention of him carrying on in the Aerospace industry as a short-term contractor and keeping photography as a weekend hobby. The reaction from Glastonbury locals and visitors to early photos posted on social media caused a quick rethink. 

Demand for his work has steadily grown since then and working in such a creative, nurturing, spiritual and inspirational part of the country such as Glastonbury has been a boost, opening new doors and creating new opportunities.




  • Work featured in local and national press and national photography magazines
  • Written and published two photography books, 'Monochrome Moods' and 'Into The Light: A Journey to Glastonbury'
  • Held his first solo exhibition in Glastonbury
  • Reached the finals of Weather Photographer of the Year (2016) hosted by the Royal Photographic Society and the Royal Meteorological Society
  • Now serving clients across the globe, as far afield as the USA and Australia
  • Opening new shop & gallery in the heart of Glastonbury, December 2017.



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