Kev Pearson has been an avid photographer since 2011 when he acquired his first DSLR and although admittedly a late starter, he has made up for lost time with his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn the tools and trade of photography. 

Prior to his transition into full time photography he worked for 20+ years in the aerospace industry as a manufacturing engineer so it's fair to say that he has the patience and persistence to focus on the fine details (useful for landscape work) and likes to ensure that as much detail present in a scene is faithfully captured in every image. 

He has also recently settled in Glastonbury, Somerset from N. Ireland where he was originally raised. Working in a much more creative and inspirational part of the country has been a boost, opening new doors and creating new opportunities after just a few weeks of settling in. So starts a new chapter in the work of Kev Pearson Photography.



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Recent Reviews


"His work is spell-binding with a touch of ancient mystery in moments that seem lost in time"  D.N.

"Amazing work,strong on visual impact and emotion, stunning shots"  S.C.

"Your talent is a 'spiritual gift' you capture a sense of beauty and sacredness far beyond any paintbrush"  B.B.

"Your photos of Glastonbury Tor are amazing. Full of haunting beauty"  L.F.

"Keep up the stunning pictures Kev, you are an inspiration"  C.S.

"Stunning photography, inspiration to all!"  M.K.

"Absolutely stunningly beautiful photography, especially of Glastonbury Tor"  E.C.

"Lovely photos with soul...excellent takes from beautiful and magic places"  N.R.

"Absolutely stunning talent. The moods and beauty captured is breathtaking"  R.A.

"Stunning way of capturing the well known as well as the foreign spots. Really impressed, absolutely inspiring awesomeness"  A.B.

"Amazing eye for mysterious beauty"  H.L.

"You truly capture Avalon's magnificence like no other photographer"  S.W.

"Kev is a photographer of the highest class, with an amazing eye for details and framing of the subject matter"  C.B.


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